APIs: the core of infrastructure of the Internet. The Indian API builder, cybersecurity threats, and in-depth analyses of India's tech.
The case for Polish tech talent, the shortage affecting emerging markets, and a source for articles about Eastern Europe.
A Sea Group profile, the Facebook outage impact in Emerging Markets and a source for startups in the Middle East and North Africa region.
VCs are looking at Earned Wage Startups. Shoprite's exits from several countries in Africa. A source for investment in Emerging Market insights.
The startups that created a large impact in their ecosystems: startup mafias
Trade relationships, funding rounds, travel bans, online harassment, and 3 recommended articles.
...you'd better adapt. The Big Tech crackdown happening in China, a fintech preventing card fraud in Mexico, and what happened last week in remote plac…
The fastest African Unicorn, the pivots of a filter company in China, and long-form business in Africa.
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